Room 46 - The Story 


The show starts with the six-teenagers getting ready for school and kicking off the opening act is Alisha Cole with a ‘Dear Diary’ (“I Hate School”), when suddenly (parent voice overs) they are all told to stop what they are doing because school has been closed for three-weeks (“Three Weeks”). There are mixed feelings about this news, however there is one thing that they all agree on and that’s three-weeks of nothing but TV (“TV Binge”). Yet, all their well laid plans are squashed by the announcement that school lessons will still commence online.

It’s during these forums and learning platforms that the six are brought together over a maths question and they form a private room (“Room 46”). The privacy of Room 46 becomes a sanctuary, a safe place to be, a place where conversions are open and personalities develop through a strong friendship bond. It’s in these dark times they help each other cope with the tragic events brought on by the pandemic. Covid-19 took it’s toll on many and yet they realise that the World will stand (“Together”) and that hope and love will help people stay strong (“To The Moon And Back”).


Throughout the performance the audience will see the cast develop their personalities and appearances, they will see friendships grow, love , understanding and kindness. There is no judgement, there is hope and happiness that gives them all the confidence to stand up and say (“This Is Me”). As the days and months pass, portrayed in time lapses, the audience will laugh, cry and get to know each cast member individually. They will see into their souls, will them to be themselves and smile with self-reflection and blush at the innocent crush of a (“Teenage Fantasy”).

With school looming in the back of their thoughts, and a second Lock-down announced, they reflect on (“Exams”) and how hard home-school learning is without the support network that they were used to. The loneliness effected all generations, not just the elderly and the six are aware that to keep talking and communicating lights up the darkest of days, just like (”Fireworks”). Like most people through the pandemic it was hard to keep up with the guidelines, what you can and can’t do. Stay in, go out, rule of six, masks, no masks, travel or not, pyramids and traffic-lights systems, all in all there were just too many (“Rules”). Just as there were believers and non-believers across the world, the six teenagers all have a view on the vaccine, and split opinions are aired (“It’s A Conspiracy”).

With the 3rd Lock down over the six are faced the reality of life seemingly getting back to some sort of normality, but now a year on, they are a reflection of who they used to be. Stronger, bolder, more confident and yet scared - can they (“Trust”) this new world they face.


Back to school and back to normal, we see the curtain come down on their individual bedroom and for the first time in almost a year they can actually get together. No masks, no rules, the world is back to normal, or so they thought. Can the government put the rules back in place? Can they Lock-down again? Maybe or (“Maybe Not”).

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