Thea’s wardrobe is girly yet classy and full of glamour and glitz. However, her style varies and she sometimes finds herself straying from her usual fabulous aesthetic and opting for something a little edgier. Biker jackets, Doc Martens and big hair is another side that Thea likes to show. There are also days where she prefers to be comfortable in a simple jumper and a pair of leggings.



Being born in late August makes Thea a Leo, which explains her exuberance and her enthusiasm, as well as her passion for the things she loves the most. Take storms for example - wrapping up in a blanket surrounded by her favourite chocolate (peanut M&M’s and Magic Stars) and kicking back to watch the rain pouring and the lightning bolts lighting up the sky is Thea’s idea of a Sunday well spent. Her confidence shows in her impeccable taste in fashion; she is a strong believer in ‘dressing to impress’ and is partial to ‘fabulous shoes’ and ‘fabulous handbags’ and a little bit of bling - you could say she is, in a word, fabulous.


Music is a huge part of Thea’s life and she often finds herself listening to some of the most iconic women in the industry. Some of her favourite artists include Beyonce, Whitney Housten and Rhianna as she admires them for their strength and confidence. Thea was just four years old when she first began following in these women’s footsteps. After being given the lead in a school play, she knew that she was destined to perform and began her training at PQA but eventually grew out of musical theatre. This led her to Big Help Music where she developed her singing voice along with the art of song writing and solo performance - she hasn’t looked back since.


Being a part of such a diverse industry has allowed her to meet bundles of amazing people and has opened so many doors for her, including Maddison Skies. Excited is not the word for how she feels. The thought of forming a tight-knit family with the other girls, being on a TV set and developing a work ethic that most adults would envy sets her heart on fire. However, despite all the evidence that would suggest otherwise, Thea is not superhuman and just like anybody else starting a new venture, she has her queries, but she knows that she and the other girls will have each other’s backs. After all, that’s what family is for.


Thea is a performer at heart and would love to continue doing it for a long time, but she can also see herself walking other paths, too. Becoming a fashion journalist and working with quintessential companies like Vogue and Cosmopolitan is high on her list of dreams, as well as settling down with the guy of her dreams someday and having lots and lots of children to fill up her house and continue her legacy. Her determination and ambition are evident and there’s nothing to say she won’t achieve all of this and more.



Sophie’s wardrobe is girly yet classy but her favourite outfit is more to the cosy and comfy side. There are also days where she prefers to be comfortable in a simple jumper and a pair of joggers. However, her style varies and she sometimes finds herself straying for something a little edgier. 


You'd need to know Sophie's birthday to know that she's not a n ordinary Cancerian; known to retreat into their shells, Sophie is not shy to be in the limelight. She's hasn’t been afraid to climb the career ladder and work hard for what she wants the most, despite any obstacles that she may have come across. Sure, she might take a break every now and then to cosy up with a comfy pair of PJ's and watch a good movie. 

Sophie has wonderful loyal morals, she believes that everyone has their own opinion on their beliefs and views. She's passionate about animals rights and although a large amount of things have changed over the past few years, thinks there is still so many more changes that could be made to stop things such as animal cruelty. 

Sophie is also a secret traveller and she could visit one country, she'd probably go to Bora Bora . So hopefully in the future! But for now, Sophie is enjoying a personal career path. 

Seeing Maddison Skies like one big happy family and really rewarding, Sophie hopes they will become successful, but knows they're just at the beginning so will have to take everything in baby steps and see what the future has to hold because ‘all good things take time’. 

"I want people to look at Maddison Skies and instantly think of positive things. The message we are trying to send, not only as a band, but also as three amazing friends is that everything happens for a reason. Life may not run as smoothly as you hoped, but take each day as it comes remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

If I had to describe Maddison Skies in three words it would be positive, fun and entertaining. We are all very bubbly people and I hope that this shows in through our work".



Certain trends from the ’70s have worked their way back into fashion through Polly’s wardrobe especially flared trousers and wacky prints - she'd also love a ‘90s comeback, when people such as Kate Moss, Jennifer Anniston, Naomi Campbell . 


Polly's wardrobe choices are based around 90’s era, when people such as Kate Moss, Jennifer Anniston, Naomi Campbell and Janet Jackson were so experimental with their fashion and wore what made them most confident which I love! I also love the 70s style of clothing especially flared trousers and wacky prints. I
I am a confident Capricorn who is outgoing, hardworking and exuberant with energy. 
I knew I wanted to be in the acting/ singing industry when I started being a dancer in Pantomimes in my local city alongside John partridge, Lesley Joseph and Simon Webb. Pantomimes made me the expressive and driven person I am today and it began my love for performing on stage and making my family proud!

Some of my favourite artists are Fleetwood Mac, Gorillaz, The Beatles, Micheal Jackson and The weekend. These bands are super unique and they have produced some great tunes which you can have a good dance around your room to. 

I love performing and speaking in front of an audience and it excites me so much to share with everyone my passions! I would really like to travel and it is one of of my biggest dreams is  to backpack to many cool places such as Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, and USA so I can try all the American candy!  I also love to visit cities such London and always went as a child going to art galleries and museums and I find them very cool and inspirational to visit when I am in the bustling city. 

I really enjoy the outdoors and have done a lot of rock climbing in France and the UK, I have actually climbed one of the highest mountains in the UK, Scafell Pike which was challenging however rewarding!

I have also done co-steering in Cornwall which was hilarious trying to fit through tiny caves in the sea:) 

I spend a lot of my time watching movies, I find movie cinematography really cool and movie soundtracks are also what I love to listen to. Some of my favourite films would be interstellar, inception and the Prestige. One of my all time favourite films is high school musical and I know all the words off by heart and Sharpay Evans will always be so iconic! I also love watching musicals in the West End at London, School of Rock was definitely a stood out to me when I watched it, the children in the band were so cool and the songs are super catchy! 

Maddison Skies is a great opportunity for me as I am able to express my ambition for singing and acting and I can meet new people which I am always looking to do. I will take any opportunity I can to achieve my dreams and Maddison skies is a great band and Thea and Sophie are so cool and lovely.