Maddison Skies Official Debut Appearance

Herne Bay Christmas Light switch on event on Friday 19th November, set the platform for Polly, Thea & Sophie to finally perform live together. 

Performing a mixed set of their own tracks and Festive Classics, the girls literally set the evening alight, when they took to the stage with Santa and the Lord Mayor, Pat Todd to turn on the Christmas lights. 





We’re all facing another ‘new normal’ as everyone begins to start life after lockdown and for Maddiosn Skies, a new normal meant a big change as we said goodbye and hello to old and new and we are now moving on stronger than ever. 


The lifted restrictions meant Polly, Thea & Sophie 'Maddison Skies' could actually travel and produce their first official music video for their upcoming new track Teenage Fantasy... The track is upbeat, full of summer fun and has a backstory that everyone can relate to - 'Do you remember your teenage years and a teenage crush?' 


TEENAGE FANTASY - Single & Video released date 21st July 2021 

Life After Lockdown 

Life After Lockdown 

We're looking forward to launching our brilliant new songs and actually getting out and about to do some meet and greets. 

The month of June started out amazingly, and we headed down to Sophie's home town to shoot our new videos. We are so excited to finally get to produce a 'real pop' video... 

Our next Track 'Teenage Fantasy'  is due for release July 21st 

Jim Marston Show 

LIVE from ENGLAND! On this episode of THE JIM MASTERS SHOW LIVE! Gracie May, Thea and Sophie from the popular English female vocal group MADDISON SKIES join Jim on the show as his special guests.


Since Maddison Skies appeared on the Jim Masters Show, Polly Barton has joined the group 

Jem Girl at the Piano

Maddison Skies talk about their new single From Different Worlds

Maddison Skies releases their new song,

From Different Worlds – Out Now!

Maddison Skies are the only British Girl Group to be formed since Little Mix hit won X-factor in 2011, yet unlike Simon Cowell’s millionaire band PR and Launch, Maddison Skies had come from a more humble start, but they are once again proving that a world pandemic isn’t going to hold them back from future dreams.

Maddison Skies, reflecting on the year:

“When we actually tell people, or even say it out loud to ourselves, it doesn’t seem real.  This song was actually written as a theme tune for a drama that was the original platform for Maddison Skies. Because of lockdown the project was flipped on its head and we as Maddison Skies the  girl group were launched. The odd thing is, and it seems quite surreal, that although our new track was written before lockdown, before the pandemic and before we had even met, it actually has so much relevance to the year we have just come through.


Maddison Skies

From different worlds, how did we get here?’ – they are the opening lines, and when we all sit down and actually try and assess the past year, we don’t think any of us could give you a ‘believable’ answer.


We have a very unique sound, and it’s really hard to say, oh they sound like this group, or that artist. Our writer, ‘who we have again never met in person’, as he lives in Newcastle, is a rapper – Kema Kay. Mix this with a ‘rock artist from Russia’ – MikeZ, our composer, three semi-posh British teenagers, people would say its impossible, but this is what makes us Maddison Skies.

From Different Worlds speaks to our personalities directly, cheeky, saucy, spicy – that’s us in a nutshell and we are all definitely ‘on fire but as cool as ice!’

So what’s next for Maddison Skies?

“Looking to the year ahead, we want to just keep making great music. Now it should be so much easier as we can actually start to meet up a lot more. After releasing From Different Worlds, we have laid another 3-tracks and are keen to get some ‘proper videos recorded’ not just ‘lockdown’ versions. It would be great to get a small tour this year, but definitely just work towards our debut album release around September. We are also looking forward to actually getting the drama plans back on their feet, that would be really cool.

We’d like our music and our achievements so far, to send a message out to young people of our age groups, and younger, that life is worth every step you take. We have all found it really hard through the lockdown, getting together as Maddison Skies really helped us all. It showed us that there is a future that still holds dreams just waiting for us after the lockdown walls have fallen. Throughout our collective young ages, we have all seen bullying throughout our years from school and social media platforms. Together we have become stronger people, and we all feel that ‘to talk’ and just to have someone there who reassures you it’ll all be fine, is strength in abundance.”

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