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Mental Health And COVID-19

The Impact of Lockdown on our youths...

As the coronavirus pandemic rapidly swept across the world, it brought a considerable amount of fear and worry along with it.  Among certain groups, such as the elderly where the deaths were riding by the hour, it had a knock on effect towards our younger generation. Covid-19's pandemic of 2020 will never be forgotten and for the younger generation it is a significant part of their history. 

Mental health implications grew and the psychological impact elevated rates of stress and anxiety in children. The effects on many of their usual activities and routines had gone, leaving only levels of loneliness, depression, social isolation, uncommon disorders and fear of the unknown.

Over the past few years, Kids Active Theatre Co have produced shows focused on subject matters that surround our children on a daily basis, shows that speak out to them about matters that may affect their personal lives. A huge number of children and young people do not come forward to speak about such matters and simply hide in the shadows with their own demons. 
Through the arts, there has always been the ability to engage without judgment, to share knowledge, answers, understanding, and a message of hope and trust. Our plays are factual, yet based on true stories, surrounding social factors, illness, bullying, mental-health and racism, they help get discussions started and people talking. 

Our latest show, ROOM 46 (The Musical) highlights ‘a year in a life’ through the eyes of a group of locked-down teenagers. The Play is a visual of our history, it portrays the emotions and effects that the pandemic of 2020 had on our youth. We witnessed anxiety, social isolation and mental-health problems rise amongst our young generation, Covid-19 certainly has a lot to answer for and it is a time that we should never forget. 

The pandemic only highlighted the growing issues of Mental Health matters amongst our younger generation. The need to keep talking and remembering and reassuring is more apparent now than ever before.


The young cast of ROOM 46, are a credit to our youths, as they have all been pushed and pulled in all direction due to mental-health issues. 


Writer and Director Justine Maynard