LAYLA TAHIRAH ALJABBAR 16-From Wellingborough as Jessica Patel

Training: Lucie Downer Performing Arts, Northamptonshire. Currently studying her BTEC in Performing Arts. Theatre Credits Include: Young Voices at LG Arena, Birmingham. Peter Pan with Rare Productions, Jack and the beanstalk with Wellingborough Pantomime Society. ‘A Castle Of Stars’ and ‘Through The Decades’ at The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough. ‘Time To Shine,’ Gaumont Theatre in Disneyland Paris. Credits Include: Partygoer in Northamptonshire Police Safety Advert and Policewoman in ‘13th Day Of Christmas,’ Jacobite productions.


Hi I'm Layla Tahirah Aljabbar and I play the character of Jessica Patel in room 46. Jessica is a fashion loving girl. Who is extremely loyal, sometimes a little too much which leads her to be quite gullible. She is a ray of sunshine in the friendship group, always with a smile on her face and a shoulder to lean on.

Her friendship with Caden and Georgie allow her to mature, not only her fashion sense but also her personality as she learns to stick up for herself and embrace her creativity. I think I relate to Jessica's positive attitude and loyalty and she's an amazing character to get to portray. If I could tell anything to her, I would say that she shouldn't doubt herself or her heritage, as she's talented and beautiful just the way she is.

The whole cast and crew of room 46 are absolutely wonderful human beings and have made this process so easy. Every day we get to rehearse is fun from start to finish and the storyline created really speaks to our generation and what we went through during COVID.


CATHERINE HALL 17-From Northampton as

Alisha Cole

Credits: The National Youth Theatre, taking part in their Junior Acting Intake Course. Chloe in the musical The Masks We Wear! The Burglar in the new short film BURGLARY directed by Louis Sheldon. Catherine has also performed in Hairspray, The Sound of Music, Footloose, The School Of Rock and Aladdin. Training: Royal & Derngate Youth Company member


My name is Catherine and play the wonderful Alisha. Alisha is a kind heart, delicate character. She is caring to everyone she meets and is very well liked by the other characters. Although she can be a bit ditzy at times, don’t be fooled, she is ever so creative and works hard at school.

Alisha is a very sensitive girl and give everything she does 100%. She is not naturally gifted at school but powers through and tries her hardest to pull out the best grades she can which is a characteristic I can relate myself to.

Me and Alisha have a lot of common traits and remind me at times of my younger self. If I could say something to my character it would be to stand up for herself more. Sometimes Alisha is ‘ too’ nice to people however that is why she is such a loveable character.

It’s a absolute honour to be a part of Room 46 and I have the greatest fun playing Alisha. Every second of the project has been fun and full of laughs. I could not imagine doing this with anyone else. We have all became a little family and I can’t  wait to perform on stage! :)


KAI MEDFORD 18-From Milton Keys as

Thomas Moore

Credits Include: Video produced for Child Dignity Congress 2017 - Drug dealer TMI - short film - June 2018. LEVEL UP - inhouse training video for McDonalds - Feb 2020 MAKE IT!! - English Tuition Video - Finn - August 2020 Training: 2 years of performing arts training at arts 1 school of performing Dance training in: Jazz, Ballet, Commercial


Hi my name is Kai and I play the heart-throb Thomas, although it takes him a little time to realise he's as popular with the girls 'and boys' as he thinks. 

Thomas is a really nice kid, he's very kind and he tries not to worry about what others think of him, but he's a big softy really and I was to meet him, I's probably tell him to get a grip!

Do I relate to Thomas, not not too much apart from the fact that we are both ambitious people. He's defiantly more academic than I am. 

I love the rehearsals for the play, I can really get to know Thomas a lot more, and I am not sure if the stupid jokes he tells really come from him or the inner me! Best thing is I can get away with it being Thomas!

The rest of the cast are amazing and we have so much fun, too much at times I think, but the directors are great and the storyline is so relatable to our generation and beyond. 


DARRAGH KEMISH 18-From Wellingborough as Caden Scott - AKA ‘Scotty


Darragh simply burts with a fun personality, and is heading for the big stage, his passion is musical theatre. Training: Studied Level 3 UAL Musical Theatre at Tresham College, Kettering. and is currently studying for his PCertLAM exam in speech and drama Credits Include: Northamptonshire Police Safety short film, 13th Day of Christmas short film, Centre Frame commercial and Chicago.

My name is Darragh Kemish and I play Caden Scott in Room 46. Caden is a very interesting character at the beginning of the show I see him as being quite bitter and maybe even a bit spiteful as he doesn’t truly know who he is yet and that is his way of acting out. He is subconsciously very angry with himself. As the show progresses, Caden is more open and accepting of himself, and he really goes on a journey of self-discovery and learns that snappy backhanded comments are not always the way to go.
I don’t think I relate much to Caden’s character now. I think Caden is very much who I was when I was about 14. I was very angry at the world for no reason at all and believed everyone was mean and out to get me. If I could say anything to Caden (and my 14 year old self) I would say to just chill out a bit and relax. Not everyone is as evil as you think. 
I’m really enjoying rehearsals for Room 46 as every week I feel like I’m discovering something new about Caden. I feel him becoming more three-dimensional with every rehearsal. I am also loving getting to know everyone else involved in Room 46. Everything is very exciting!



OLIVIA LYNN 16-From Luton as

Maddie Jackson


Country Pop Artist - Olivia topped the UK Country iTUNES charts on her first three debut singles. Luton Young Achiever 2020/21 Training: North Herts College, Hitchin. EDSA (Emile Dale). Virta Arts Luton, Theatre Train, Luton. Theatre & Music Credits Include: GENERATION Z charity single STRONG, Music Video lead. Aladdin 2022 Luton Mela Concert, Hairspray Junior, High School Musical 2019, Musical, Alice in Wonderland 2019 Pantomime


My name is Olivia Lynn and I play Maddie Jackson, Maddie is very stylish and up to date with fashion. She cares about how she looks but only for herself not for others, she is very self-conscious person really, and although she doesn't come across like that, trust me she is! 

Maddie's trying to gain her confidence again as she lost it when she got bullied for her singing! (this is something I can heavily relate to). I see my character as a cookie, she acts tough but on the inside is soft

It's so it’s nice to be able to play a character I relate to as I find it easier to bring her out of her shell, a lot quicker that I did in reality :) 

If there’s one thing I could say to my character is that it’s okay not to be okay!

I love the Room 46 cast we have all become so close and I  couldn’t imagine doing it with any other people. All the cast seem to have built a relation with their  characters and in turn all the characters have become friends too! Just like us in person! 

We have so much fun, and laugh A LOT! 


CHENNAI PINK 16-From Northampton as

Georgina Green

Drama Training: Lucie Downer Performing Arts, Northamptonshire. Theatre includes: Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet” as part of Shakespeare’s festival, Mary in “Witches Can’t Be Burned” by Silva Semerciyan for the Royal & Derngate, Northampton. Other Credits includes: Voice In A Million, O2 Arena and has recently taken her Grade 7 rock school vocal exam gaining 100%!

My names Chennai Pink and I play the character of Georgie in Room 46. Georgie is a very chill character and loves her sleep. She’s definitely Alisha’s anchor through all the tough times that COVID brings. Georgie struggles to express who she is as a teenage girl, however Room 46 has helped her to massively overcome this as she starts to except the style of who she really is. If I could say anything to Georgie it would be that I’m so proud of her for staying so calm in such a lonely and difficult time and for finding herself along the way. 

Room 46 is a fantasist play that sheds light on important subjects during lockdown. It has been one an incredible experience so far.

The cast are amazing and never fail to make me laugh, when I’m having a bad day I always look forward to Room 46 rehearsals.