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Behind The Music 

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Mike Zimean 

Composer & Musician

Mike, Audio Producer at Mikaragua Studio has professionally composed, written and produced music for an array of platforms. For over 10- years, is skills have achieved him a high status and are consider to be most advanced in the music industry. Mike has laid his musical talents to include beatmaking, pop music production, video-games, ads, TV shows, animation and film, sound effects production and theatre.

Teaming up with Kema Kay in 2019, he produced the music for Maddiona Skies and has since been working with June Ospa to finish the soundtrack for Room 46.

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Lyricist & Musician

Kema Kay

An early-career rapper and actor, having performed across the country and starred in critically acclaimed ‘I, Daniel Blake’, Kema was keen to work with young people to develop their rapping and performance skills, but identified a need to work on his own facilitation skills first. Actor, rapper, singer, rising star and Live Theatre Associate Artist, Kema has recently finished come off stage performing SHINE his autobiographical solo show, first seen in 2019 and revised for this run, he tells a coming-of-age story about his quest to fit in. It strikes home for its honesty, vulnerability and, in its mix of spoken word and music, its virtuosity – that and the finely tuned production by Graeme Thompson.

 Kema wrote the songs for the initial thought of drama ‘Just As We Are’ in 2019. They were later released by Maddison Skies The Group and now form the soundtrack for ROOM 46.

To The Moon & Back - 2019

Fireworks - 2020

Teenage Fantasy - 2020

Trust (Not yet released - to be used as the Promotion Song for Room 46) Maybe, Maybe Not, (Not yet released - used as the Finale to Room 46)

June Rachelson Ospa

Lyricist & Playwriter

June is a copywriter, playwright, lyricist, book writer and producer. Clients included Kenner Toys, McDonalds, Burger King and PBS Exxon Arts. Partnered with Daniel Neiden in Bozomoon Productions over 18 years. Musicals: Welcome to Tourettaville at Kennedy Centre for Congress, Rapunzarella White, Times Fave, Stupid Wig, Imaginary Boy. Ran theatre programs for YMCA and AMAS Musical Theatre. As lyricist songs feature Broadway vocalists and Hall of Fame Artists. In development: Rockin’ The Bible with Peppy Castro (Goodspeed’s Johnny Mercer Writer’s Colony in January) The Hotel Belleclaire : Music Kezia Hirsey, Hyde and Seek: The Life of Young Master Henry Jekyll ,Triangle Music: Mark Barkan, The Island of Yaki Yim Bamboo -Book Fred Vargas, Music Jay Griggs,) Breakfast With The Birds : Book Jack Hyman. I AM Suzanne (Jack Hyman book, Michael Whalen Music. 2016 founded Osparations. Member of League of Professional Theatre Women, Dramatist Guild, ASCAP. Artistic Director of Identity Theatre.

June wrote the lyrics for the featured songs for individual scenes for Room 46:

Act 1 - I Hate School - Three Weeks - TV Binge -

Room 46 - Together

Act 2 - This Is Me - Exams - Rules - Conspiracy

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