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The Musical

“Room 46” is a British rock/pop musical written by Justine Maynard, with music by Mike Mike Zimean, Kema Kay & June  Rachaelson Ospa. It tells the story of six teenagers, 15 going on 16-years, one year away from GCSE Exams, as they endure Lock-down through the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Told via a ‘Dear Diary’ setting, the story follows the government structure, rules, regulations and procedures from the 1st to the 3rd Lock-down, March 2020 - March 2021.



room 46 - the musical 

The History
The Music 

Room 46 was created on the back-end of a Teenage Drama Series, ‘Just As We Are’ written in 2019 and cast early 2020. Yet, unbeknown to the company and cast the Covid-19 pandemic was lingering in the wings. As the pandemic grew, it became more of a a pointless effort to continue with the project, as the arts and media industry came to a sudden halt - doors to arts-finances shut firm and stage curtains were down for the foreseeable future. . Yet, KAMedia Co, the producers of the drama, turned the production on it’s head and leapfrogged to the ending, taking the three main characters who were already cast, they created Maddison Skies the Pop/Rock more


Polly       .       Thea        .        Sophie

The Cast Of ROOM 46

The cast comprises of six-talented teenagers all from divers and performing more


Set in six individual bedroom scenes, two tears with three bedrooms on each level so the cast are all present throughout the performance. The audience will see the relationship and the personalities of the characters unfold throughout the show. In the beginning, a few of the characters are already friends with each other and conversations between them are had via virtual text, calls and social platforms - this is portrayed with a coloured light system that indicates room-to-room conversations. Room 46, is a private chat room that the Kids open after meeting in a communal school maths forum - this is where friendships bond and personalties blossom, their very own ‘bubble of six’ more